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Most businesses report their electricity price to be in the 12p to 14p per kWh range. Some pay as much as 17p per kWh. In as little as 3-years time, we may regard 18p per kWh as a very good price. What would the impact of that price level be on your business, simply to keep the lights on?
LED Lighting
• Recover up to 85% of current lighting costs to put back into your profits
• Can save over 40% of entire annual energy bill
• Actively and significantly cut your carbon emissions (CSR)
• Receive up to 100% of replacement costs via Carbon Trust interest-free-loan scheme*
  (other schemes also available)
• Free consultation, lighting-survey and analysis report
• Improve your current lighting to be brighter, sharper and more realistic (without altering current aesthetics)
• Enjoy instant savings post install which will continue to increase over time
• ‘Instant-on’ with ‘No-flicker’ lighting via optoelectronic technology
• Simple, no-mess, retrofit install process
• Full, professional consultation throughout qualifying projects. All work fully guaranteed
• Minimum 3-year replacement warranty on all LED lighting installations
*NB. Loan repayments + new Energy-Saving Bill = Less than current Energy Bill