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Northern Ireland's eco-lighting specialists...
Optolight Ltd was created in direct response to demand for a local company who could bring focused expertise (and much needed clarity) to the complex industry of energy-efficient lighting. To achieve this and continually deliver on that demand we have become 'eco-lighting' specialists by dedicating our full resources, attention and time exclusively to this rapidly evolving technology
(please also review our mission statement)
Now an established, successful and well respected company, we harbour a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our lighting specialists have advised hundreds of Northern Ireland businesses on lighting efficiency (including some local councils) and project-managed many key installations from conception to installation.
A main reason we focus specifically on lighting efficiency is because it provides the highest cost-recovery potential of all modern ‘energy solutions’.
We have simply taken advantage of our extensive lighting and business acumen and added to that the latest, most reliable optoelectronic (LED-lighting) technology. From those core bases, we offer businesses a unique, fully-inclusive package of consultancy, design, supply and installation with exceptional warranties.

Most energy saving projects can be fully ‘funded’ via interest-free-loans* and can derive from a wide array of commercial sectors. The only real criterion is that the business premises converting to energy efficient lighting are located in Northern Ireland. This also includes businesses whose HQ is registered elsewhere in the world.

That said, there are a few exceptions. For a “Guide to eligibility” please visit the Carbon Trust Eligibility Guide website.
NB. All products are CE and RoHS Certified and all installations are carried out by NICEIC registered lighting engineers
*Other schemes are also available but because of the short return on investment (between 1-3 years) some companies choose the simple capital outlay option.