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Reduce your energy bills by over 40%


Energy-efficient lighting conversions can reduce your lifetime energy bills by over 40% and don't

 require any personal capital outlay!


 You do the maths - then contact us...

*More than 100% self-financing: Savings are greater than amortised
 poject costs and continue long after 'return-on-investment'

Tel: 02890 460600   Mob: 077934 66501
OPTOLIGHT LTD - Company No. NI614117


Carbon Trust NI:

"we've now provided over £30million in interest-free loans to hundreds of local businesses, enabling them to reduce their lifetime energy expenditure by more than £100million"


Optolight Ltd:

Are you aware that there are currently unsecured, interest-free loans available to ALL businesses in Northern Ireland to facilitate a change to energy efficient lighting? Each qualifying business could significantly reduce both its carbon emissions and energy bills by over 40% and because it's (at least) 100% self-financing, the conversion doesn't cost a penny of your own money!


In a nutshell, the Carbon Trust in Northern Ireland can offer loans for the full capital cost of an LED-lamp conversion project. Repayments are then offset against the proven energy savings over a short return-on-investment period. This leaves a net cash flow, per month/quarter, that starts and remains in the black attributing NO outlay cost your business.


After the loan period ends, the full and significant savings are yours to enjoy thereafter (up to 10-years). In most cases the 'return of investment' is complete in as little as 2-years!


As experts in this field, Optolight consultants would be delighted to meet with you and discuss this information in person. We also offer a free, no obligation, survey of your premises to provide factual savings calculations.